We are launching a TV show by the name "The Victim's Voice" set to air on NTV from December. The show's sole purpose is to highlight and showcase Extreme instances and events that have happened in the country, and in that; also putting on the lime light Radicalisation.
We believe it's high time the public, citizens and non-citizens alike came out and show the world that Radicalisation and Extremism is real and is happening, and there is a solution. We believe the terror attacks, losing loved ones and extreme incidences could and can be avoided, if together without fear, we will come out and address these issues through our stories, so that we may know how to protect ourselves, and also know the signs to look out for to be able to culminate an extreme act before it happens. We are looking for :

  •         Ex-radicalised victims
  •         Victims of Terror Attacks  {Directly or Indirectly}
  •         Victims of Extreme circumstances {Directly or Indirectly} e.g fires, witnessing killings, gang attacks e.t.c
  •         Victims who have lost loved ones in Terror or Extreme incidences
  •         Victims who have experienced / witnessed terror / extreme incidences
  •         Victims whose loved ones have joined militia terror groups eg Al-Shabaab, Gaza, ISIS, Mungiki or any local or international group

Please contact us. Let your story be heard all over the world, and through it, help save a life of an individual going through the same. Let someone know they are not the only ones going through what you went through. Help someone know they can get help and don't have to suffer in silence. Move someone through your story, and help an individual, a loved one and a family find comfort not only in your story but also in your loving selfless act of speaking up.


CALL      :   0731 087 778 / 0727 335 011

EMAIL   :    tv@i-careafrica.org
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